Market reports: sell online in Thailand

Having an online shop in Thailand market is the opportunity to increase the number of its customers and increase its turnover thanks to a unique sales location, which is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and that from anywhere in the world. Once the decision is made to embark on e-commerce in Thailand, some entrepreneurs are ready to sell everything … and anything. That is where market research companies in Thailand will come to help you.

Sell online to Thai consumers implies to get market data on Thailand’s industry

But to sell products, you have to be present on the web.

Without a website adapted to the Thai market, you always have physical store solution but your results will certainly not live up to your expectations.

Whether you want to sell physical or digital products on the internet, there are many possibilities:

  • E-commerce (selling on the net physical products)
  • The drop shipping (sell on the internet products without buying them)
  • Affiliate programs (sales commission …)
  • White brands (customized sales sites)

For the survival and success of your e-commerce business in Thailand, you must imperatively do a market research and evaluate the commercial potential of the products you want to sell. In the same way, if you have decided to create your own online store but you do not have a product idea for sale online, this article should help you to see more clearly.

You can start by simply opening a business or professional account on a well-established e-commerce site. If you master English I recommend you to put your products on English sites too, because in the case of Amazon and eBay this is where there is the most volume. It must of course be remembered that it is necessary to be able to send the articles later and that this may be complex if one does not know the local customs rules. Inform yourself before!


The logic would be to make bigger profits by selling very expensive items like furniture or high tech equipment, but in reality on the Thailand’s market it is with consumer products that you will earn the most money.

Passionate Thai consumers and those who practice a hobby do not look at the expense when it comes to finding a rare item that will complement their collection or a technical product that will allow them to improve the practice of their sporting or artistic activity. Market research companies in Thailand will help you to identify the best opportunity on the Thai market.

You may wonder: What to Sell on the Thailand’s Internet? There is an infinity of possible answers. You can really sell any products on the Internet: digital products, physical products, services, advice, advertising …. Working with a market research firm will help you to better answer this question.

Do not be a victim of fashion by selling only trendy products on your online store. A future entrepreneur might think he has identified a product with high potential by saying he will have no problem developing his sales by selling the biker boots that women are snatching right now … The problem, c Is that they will probably (no longer) be fashionable at the end of the season in Thailand.

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Market reports: sell online in Thailand